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brand love

We sprinkle design based solutions on everyday marketing problems, to make them go away.

Do what now?

Analyse those statistics, define new goals, refresh that strategy, amplify brand wellness,

get cake and a holiday…

About your cake (time)

It’s amazing how much detailed work is needed to market your brand and keep it afloat, feed it the basics, exercise it, and then there’s piano lessons. Do you feel that there might be a few details in your presentation, that if sorted out, will ease the day-to-day pressure of finding and activating customers?

It’s true! We understand that no one person can run every aspect of a business at an optimum level. Usually, you need a team. That’s where we come in. We have unbounded enthusiasm for sorting out business problems using design and strategy. We love business ideas and we love business.

Is that your ears burning? If you become a client of ours, we tend to talk about you constantly. We get to know you and that’s our point of difference. We actively care about our customers and want them to have an easier more profitable day to day outcome.

We are brand fixers for business our tools are strategy, design, photography, social media management and have significant business development consulting chops.

“We are brand fixers for business our tools are strategy & design”

We are Alphaville

Strange obsessions

We are both obsessed with design and style. Having grown up in the same town oblivious to each other’s presence, no doubt crossing paths because, rollerskating.

We each took our own trajectories out and the world circled back to our hometown and started working together in 2005.

Each of us is passionate about photography, writing, cooking good food, and publishing.

It’s funny how things work out.

Jodie & ANDRA

❤️ Just some of the lovely people we have worked with ❤️