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Our region offers some of the best quality produce and food businesses in Australia.

Producers and merchants of quality foods are experts in their field working around the clock, seven days a week, to provide customers with fresh and tasty products of a high standard.

This often results in little time, resources or know how to market their business.

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Marketing a food business in the contemporary digital space is essential. It requires a different skill set to the ones exercised by many food business owners.

Customers want to know about the food offerings in their area and their first port of call is Google. Many great businesses are poorly represented in the online realm if at all. The value of great branding and effective marketing to connect businesses with potential customers is immense. 

Consumers expect to find out about businesses online, they expect clear and consistent branding and communication that speaks to them and they want to be able to connect when it's convenient to them.

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We work with the local food businesses and producers of the central highlands region of Victoria. We provide a highly professional level of service, developing strong relationships with our clients to support all aspects of brand development.

Provenance is important to us. We want to help share the virtues of our region and highlight the amazing quality of produce and businesses it has to offer.

We work with you to provide strategic insights on the importance of your branding with an effective retail marketing strategy. 

There are many ways your businesses can connect with customers and deciding which strategies to choose to suit your business can be overwhelming.

Contact us today to book a private consultation. We will discuss the opportunities to improve your branding; packaging, website, promotional material, with no obligation.

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Alphaville is a digital design agency offering full suite of design services:

ONLINE - Website design and construction, online webshop design and construction, smart phone/tablet apps, email marketing, social media strategy, website maintenance and content creation.

GRAPHIC DESIGN  - Print design & management, illustration, photography and signage.

BRANDING - Name generation, values identification, logo development, style guide development  and logo refresh.

PACKAGING - Packaging design, die-line creation, packaging sourcing and production management.

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Monday, 23 October 2017