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In 2014 mobile overtook desktop as the most common method of online browsing. Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection with over 3 billion internet users and the majority are accessing the internet with mobile phones. Yet surprisingly more than a year later many web design businesses are still designing websites with desktops in mind first and not mobile.

We have been designing websites for many years now at Alphaville and until a few years ago it was common practice to design for a desktop with a standard screen size in mind. We would take into account the aspect ratio between viewing it on a large desktop computer and a small lap top, but the aspect ratio was similar so there was very little change between one screen design and another.

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With the advent of mobile phone usage being the dominant screen on which websites are now viewed, the design of a website requires a radically different approach. The user interface is vastly different for a small viewing portal one holds in the palm of a hand compared to a large iMac screen that dominates a desk space. Designing a seamless interaction with both viewing ports in mind can be challenging but it is essential for an effective web presence that reach the entire potential audience and will guarantee a satisfying user experience on all portals from mobile phones, to tablets to large scale desktops.

One of the biggest impacts on websites designed for mobile interaction is the simplification of websites, minimal interfaces, with more targeted user experiences. Designing an interface with a website’s key goals in mind and reducing clutter to allow goal conversions to take place in a quick and seamless way. Simplicity is not just the fashion it’s the future.

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A quality responsive website should look good on a variety of screens not just desktops. If your website is not designed to translate to mobile screens you will not only be eliminating a large potential customer base who are using the internet via mobile devices but you will also be limiting your businesses ability to be ranked well by Google, creating a further obstacle to customers being able to find you. Does your website work well on mobile devices? It's a pertinent question to ask if you are trying to assess if your business is maximimizing it's reach to potential customers.



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Monday, 23 October 2017